Two Sides of Danger & Eggs with Kate Micucci and Jonah Ray

As a parent of two young boys, I’m always on the prowl for new shows to get them hooked on. There’s only so much Paw Patrol I can stomach. Ya feel me? Anyway, enter Amazon Original Kids’ new animated series Danger & Eggs, which hits on both levels: funny for kids and adults. The series, which debuts June 30 on Prime Video, is as wacky as the title suggests.

The show, which was created by Mike Owens of Yo Gabba Gabba! fame and Shadi Petosky (Mad) centers on the adventures of future stunt woman D.D. Danger and her best bud, who happens to be a giant, talking egg named Phillip. Um, yes you read that right. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it also boats a strong voice ensemble led by Aidy Bryant as Danger and Eric Knobel as Phillip. Guest stars set to appear include Weird Al, Lori Petty, Kate Micucci, and Jonah Ray. I caught up with the latter two and asked them about the series and some other stuff. Read on.

Kate & Eggs
How’d you become involved with Danger & Eggs? What drew you to it and tell us about your character?
One day, Shadi Petosky wrote me and asked if I would be interested in playing myself for an episode of a new cartoon. I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot of very cool cartoon characters but never have I had the opportunity to play myself in cartoon form. So I guess you could say my character is dorky and likes to sing and has a short haircut.

Nice…Off topic, how do you take your eggs?
Poached! I feel very confident that a poached egg is the most exciting form of egg. I actually just bought a fancy piece of kitchen equipment for making the finest poached eggs.

I’m down with poached as well. Jumping back to the first question. Do you prefer acting in the physical form over voice over work or are both equally rewarding?
Both are rewarding for sure. And of course, when doing voice over it is really nice to not have to worry about hair and makeup. When I first moved to L.A., I was determined to become a voice over actor. I read a book about how to be a voice actor. One of the exercises mentions putting a cork in your mouth and saying the alphabet. Then take the cork out of your mouth and it is much easier to speak. I thought this was an incredible trick! Now I got us off topic. So yeah, cork in the mouth!

It’s all good. Cork. Got it. You’re very prolific – have you always wanted to dabble in all mediums?
The things I do now are exactly the same things I was doing when I was seven years old. I was always drawing and painting and making puppets. I was always putting on shows and acting in plays and making movies in the backyard with my brother. I was competing in classical piano and writing weird songs on the guitar. It has continued to be a really fun balance of music, art, and acting. One feeds into the other that then feeds into the other and then back again. On a good day, I get to do all three. And I feel so lucky I get to make a living doing them.

Good for you. That’s awesome. Hey, you know what’s not? Um…let’s just go here: America could use a new tag line. What should it be?
America: Let’s just all go watch Wonder Woman again.

If you were asked to write the foreword to someone’s book, who would you hope it’d be and why?
In college, there was a really sweet lady named Elaine who worked in the cafeteria and I loved talking with her. She would tell me bits and pieces about her family and her grandkids. I remember she liked to sew. But if Elaine wrote a book, I would be stoked because then I could know her whole story. And I would then gladly write that foreword and thank her for the Monte Cristo sandwiches..
(Note: Jon Chattman is currently putting an anthology together for BenBella Books entitled Moving Foreword. It will be a collection of forewords to books that don’t exist – hence why forewords are on his mind.)

Off topic, can you impart some words of wisdom for my 2 1/2 year old son?
Pick an instrument and stick to it. Even on the days you want to quit, don’t quit. It will be so worth it.

Danger & Jonah Ray

“Weird Al” is just one of the many amazing people who lend their voices to Danger & Eggs. Did you get to interact with him at all?
“Weird Al” is a childhood hero and I’ve been able to work with him a few times on different projects, but sadly, I wasn’t in the same room as him on Danger & Eggs. But you could believe I asked Shadi to try and make that happen!

The series is very bonkers – why did you choose to lend your vocal talents to it?
I’ve been a longtime fan of Shadi’s work and just loved the whole idea and especially the design of this show. It made me feel that if I was a kid it would be my favorite show. Heck, as an adult it might just be my favorite show.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is obviously something people will ask you tons of questions about so I won’t. Instead please ask me a question about it.
Did you like the new season?

I did! OK never mind, tell me about working on MST3000.
It was a literal dream come true. I’m still in shock that it all happened and to be able to work with Joel Hodgson and Elliot Kalan (former head writer of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart) as well as Patton and Felicia, it was just an amazing time. Also the new theme song was sung by Har Mar Superstar, an old friend who actually was the band at my wedding!

Nerdist is a ten-headed octopus – talk to me a bit about its evolution.
What started as my friend doing a blog and then asking me to do a podcast with the same name, it’s really gotten bigger than I ever thought it would. However big it is, it’s all because of that brilliant and overly active brain of Chris Hardwick.

Chris is everywhere. He hosts everything. Is there something he shouldn’t host? Any topic he shouldn’t discuss?
He shouldn’t do a countdown show involving the top 20 best “Faces Of Death” clips…..I should.

If you were at a rose ceremony on The Bachelorette, would you accept a rose just to stay on TV longer even if perhaps you didn’t want the rose?

I will opt out of this question as I would never find myself on the Bachelorette unless they did a season of it on SyFy and I would be considered an “8” as opposed to a “2” on the hot scale.

Can you offer advice for my two-and-a-half year old son?
Stop screaming.

Lastly, if you wrote an autobiography, who would write the foreword and why?
It would probably be written by Emily V. Gordon because she’s an incredible writer and I have a feeling she would be complimentary to me because she’s also the nicest person I know.

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