Truth Justice & American Pinup

Westchester County, NY is a weird animal. There’s tons of bands waiting to be discovered, established acts who’ve moved here from big cities, and venues that showcase named and novelty artists. Cover bands are big in the Hudson Valley and Lower Westchester. Two venues, which happen to be connected, buck the trend and bring established acts and rising stars together. The Capitol Theatre is a spot where you can see Phil Lesh one night, and The Strokes another. Its sister and smaller spot Garcia’s – fittingly branded in all Jerry G. regalia, has thrived by bringing indie stars, local talent, and jam bands to the forefront. One band that’s a mainstay at the latter is American Pinup. Going a step further, the group is probably the most famous band in Westchester. Yet, you know how this business goes…

There’s so many great bands you’ve never heard of. Sure, Spotify playlists help. Seeing live music of artists you’ve never heard of just for the hell of it certainly does as well. Some of the best tunes are the ones you don’t even know exist. So here I am, a Westchester resident, wanting to you to hear American Pinup. They’ve played renowned festivals like SXSW and the Warped Tour, and regionally for years, and while Westchester is their backyard, it’s time they break out like a pimple on the center of a tween’s nose.

The indie-pop-rock with a hefty dose of punk (Lauren West, Rob Peralta, John Casale, and Tim Robbins) have been a band for a decade. That says a lot when you consider they’re under 30. The band is currently making new music, and fittingly within the offices above “The Cap,” filmed an A-Sides session and interview. Watch on and listen to this band.

About A-Sides with Jon Chattman –
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*Jon Chattman’s currently working on a new book entitled Moving Foreword, a pop culture anthology with talent lending forewords to books they make up.