Tig Notaro Discusses Season Two ‘Mississippi’

In the first season of One Mississippi, the acclaimed series available on Amazon Prime, the plot followed closely to comedian Tig Notaro’s real life – changing only minor facts to differentiate from the truth. The series followed Notaro’s Los Angeles radio host Tig Bavaro, who returns home to Bay St. Lucille, Mississippi after hearing her mother is about to be taken off life support. The news comes on the heels of Tig undergoing a double mastectomy and C. difficle infection. While back home, she moves in with her brother Remy and stepfather Bill, and soon takes care of the family after her mom passes. Obviously, there’s more to last season but you watched it, right? Why would I go on? Season 2 is out. Anyway, sometimes you have to change the narrative – especially when a second season is involved. It’s streaming now by the way.

In an interview earlier this month, Notaro stressed season two is essentially as fictional as last season was real. “It’s become way more fictionalized,” she explained. “That’s the fun thing for me.”

A second season has allowed Notaro to “let go” a bit, and allow herself to lighten up a bit. That’s bad phrasing there, but essentially she said going through the heaviness of season one, it’s been refreshing to have a “much lighter tone going into season 2.” Sure, there are still a lot of “heavy dramatic moments,” but in many ways she said it’s been freeing to just play a character even though it’s still an extension of who she is. “There’s definitely a shift but it’s not a jarring shift,” she said.

Love and happy returns (or maybe just returns) seem to be a common theme this season. Stepfather Bill (John Rothman) and brother Remy (Noah Harpster) are in relationships, while Tig’s back in the radio booth with producer Kate (Stephanie Allynne). There’s also new characters played by veteran Sheryl Lee Ralph and Broadway scene stealer Carly Jibson.

“Sheryl Lee Ralph is very difficult to work with,” Notaro said deadpan, before breaking, “no, she’s great fun and she’s a great human being.” She continued, “Carly is just destroying me – she’s so funny. Her character is so different from my mother but she’s like a life force that’s injected back into my family.”

As for Rothman and Harpster, Notaro said the working relationship continues to get stronger. “We’ve been forced to rely on each other [on the show] without my mother. It’s very much similar to real life. There’s more of a softness in the second season within that dynamic,” she said.

Season two has been welcomed with rave reviews, and for Notaro said the series has been a great creative outlet for her on many levels – one to express her survival in this crazy, Trump’d world. “I get so many different things out in so many projects I do,” she said. “One Mississippi is a great opportunity to express my feelings socially and politically.”

As for her standup? “It is still very personal. I don’t enjoy doing political comedy as far as standup goes. It’s more personal – the observational, the ridiculous.”

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