Let Larkin Poe Rock You Like a Hurricane

I feel it every time I have to watch a new music video debut on my phone versus my big screen. I feel it every time an iconic musician passes away. I feel it each time something newsworthy happens in the world of music. What do I feel? The need for MTV to return to its roots. Portlandia had a wonderful episode about this, and speaking for my generation at least, I want my MTV! It might be. Last week, news broke that its revolutionary series Unplugged was making a comeback as well as an original music competition debuting sometime this year. There’s hope after all these years of reality-show domination. The world needs MTV more than ever.

When Prince died last week, MTV was on it. Back in the day, Kurt Loder would’ve cut into a video, and covered the story from start to sad finish. We need that now. We need Kurt Loder to be our news source – not TMZ. We need music videos on TV and we need to hear about new songs and new acts right from this network again. The Internet has mastered it only because MTV came before it. On a related note, we need rock music in heavy rotation again not just on radio, but on television. Guns N’ Roses are selling out arenas now with their mostly resurrected original lineup. Where would they be without MTV? Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Yeah, you are. It’s time for VJs to return, Gilbert Gottfried to shout, and for Randee and the Redwoods to come out of hiding. So why do I bring up MTV as a segue into a new band I’m featuring on A-Sides today? Well, it’s simple. If MTV existed how it once did, our next guests would get considerable play. Until that happens, however, I’ll urge for radio to play them and for readers to take note. Larkin Poe, a sibling duo out of Georgia, may very well be rock’s greatest hope right now. This is real, authentic rock people.

The duo of Rebecca and Megan Lovell are in their mid-20s but everything about them scream music veterans. The pair were discovered in their teen years by rock royalty Elvis Costello, and soonafter hit the road with him, backing his band and/or opening up for the icon. They’re still doing that, and have done so for Conor Oberst and Kristian Bush of Sugarland as well. But, headlining shows is where they’re heading. The band will tour Europe next month in support of their new record Reskinned after wrapping up gigs with mentor “EC” as the sisters call Mr. Costello.

So why the gushing? It’s not often you hear something authentic in this business. We’re saturated with saccharine so anytime you hear something honest, loud and true you have to fight for it. The girls, by the way, named their band after their great-great-great-grandfather, who was a distant cousin of Edgar Allan Poe. I mention that because that’s the least interesting thing about them. It’s as if you took Heart, Jack White, a few shots of whiskey, and a major dose of southern twang and attitude, and mashed it to perfection in a Baby Bullet.

OK, enough love. Get the record, and watch/listen below. Let’s get to the session these beautiful girls did for us here at A-Sides. Filmed by Alye Carlevero at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, Larkin Poe played and slayed three songs and sat down for a very fun chat. Watch it below, and pray MTV plays these guys – or anybody – sooner than later.

“Trouble in Mind”


“When God Closes a Door”


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