Intentionally Funny Stuff (and Bad Graphics) with Comedian Simeon Goodson

Simeon Goodson should be a household name in comedy. He’s been performing in various New York City clubs, bars, and anywhere really since 2004, and his effortless delivery matched with his unique laid-back observational humor. It’ll come. If not New York or Los Angeles, then certainly in Abu Dhabi. We’ll get to that later.

There’s a reason Goodson, who recently opened for Hannibal Burress’ “Comedy Camisado Tour,” and had audiences practically crapping their pants with glee. There’s a reason Brooklyn Magazine named him one of the “50 Funniest People in Brooklyn.” He is. Burress has introduced a new era of cerebral comedy, and “Sim” is right there with him. That’s why A-Sides recently booked him for a comedy show in White Plains on June 12 (it’s an anti-Common Core theme): he just gets us and gets it. Anyway, the comedian, who will perform at Caroline’s on June 9, recently chatted with us – live outside the White Plains train station (how exciting for all of us) – about his upcoming move to Abu Dhabi and gloriously rambled about everything from Microsoft’s Clippy to Kanye West. Watch on, and revel in the humor. Oh, and buy tickets to Comedy: The Cure for the Common Core at the White Plains Performing Arts Center on Friday, June 12.

A-Sides ‘Aside’:Mulaney Crushes Capitol
How fitting that a bit comedian John Mulaney included a rant on how he excelled in “effort” on his report cards but his grades weren’t there. On May 14 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, the comedian – arguably best known for his work as a Saturday Night Live writer and creator of its infamous “Stefon” character – made it all look effortless on stage with his infectious stage presence, subtly sharp jokes, and ease throughout the night.

The comedian, who recently was seen in the short-lived FOX comedy Mulaney, cruised through an hour-plus set that seamlessly moved from his Roman Catholic upbringing (he softened and found humor specifically in his dad’s hardass-ness and his being an altar boy for years) to marrying a Jewish girl from Queens to not wanting children and not feeling bad about it. “Babies don’t like me,” he explained.

A highlight of the night was when Mulaney, who often cracked back at hecklers in his trademark silly demeanor, was when he noticed a 12-year-old boy in the audience and went on a rant about adolescence and “peaking in eighth grade.” He also apologized for using the “F” word but continued to throughout the rest of the set, and shared a story about how when his brother was the audience member’s age he was humiliated by Cirque du Soleil clowns, and he hoped he wasn’t doing the same thing in that very moment. He clearly wasn’t. None of Mulaney’s humor ever comes off as mean spirited. His delivery is too caring, too sincere – even when the content itself isn’t. The standing “O” at the end of the show just emblazoned this sentiment even more.

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