“Get There” with The Turnback; Throwback with The Vagabondz

Eclectic is a great word. For today’s post, I’m going to showcase two bands that have no business sharing a post. That, by the way, can be argued. You’re talking to someone who can listen to Roxette and Drake seconds apart from one another. Anyway, The Turnback is a power pop/rock band out of Brooklyn, Queens, and White Plains, NY, while The Vagabondz are a throwback rap/ R&B act out of the NYC. They’ll likely never share a bill together, but for one day, here we are.

The Turnback have the wonderful ability of playing a song that echoes The Beatles and Alice in Chains at the very same time. Music is subjective, of course, but that’s what I heard when the trio (Todd Giglio, Barry Nagel, and Kenny Sherman) pulled into the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains to perform a pair of tracks and sit down for an interview earlier this month. The band, who will play the International Pop Overthrow Festival 2015 at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn on Nov. 7, just released their new album Are We There Yet?, which boasts a dozen tracks of melodic, catchy songs that span a bunch of genres. The album is a follow-up to Drawn In Chalk , which served as the soundtrack to Giglio’s semi-autobiographical 2009 indie film Drawing With Chalk. Anyway, check out the session and interview below.

“Five Days a Week”



Like their name suggests, The Vagabondz have a carefree, humble vibe about them. They’re also confident, which is saying a lot considering they’re out of Beacon High School. Vagabond members include Dazay (MC/vocals), TYE (MC), Yung Choc (Vocals), DJ Broccoli Rabe (Producer), Helixzx (Producer), Papora (Producer), ZyMoon Merkury (Producer/MC), Si(Hypeman), and Broku (Hypeman). See, even their names sound cool. When I was their age – so you get the sense I’m old – I was far as cool and confident. Thank you food binges and low self-esteem! Anyway, let me deal with my stuff, and you watch these personable and talented hip-hop Padawans (that’s a Star Wars reference so I can tag “Star Wars” below.)

As A-Sides intern Jake Lutrell put it, and mind you he’s hipper than I am, “behind the funky beats put out by a plethora of producers you got MCs Dazay and TYE spitting flows reminiscent of the 90s finest.”

He continued, “vibing with anyone from those oppressed by the cops, to those just trying to cop a lady, you’ll feel these guys with any mood.” Man, that sounded so fresh. Anyway, Dazay, TYE, and producer DJ Fortune filmed a session recently, performing an original called “Come Tru”, and sitting down at the proverbial mic for a chat.

“Come Tru”


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