From “Misery” to a “Change of Fortune” with Soul Aslyum

With “Somebody to Shove,” “Black Gold,” and especially “Runaway Train,” Soul Asylum are arguably best known for their 3x Platinum Grave Dancer’s Union. To associate this band off their 1992 breakthrough alone would be doing them a great injustice. Listen to the albums that came before it, and after it – especially their underappreciated follow-up Let Your Dim Light Shine, which could serve as a tagline for the Trump candidacy by the way. Anyway, focusing on the latter, jump to Spotify and listen to their hits “Just Like Anyone” and “Misery” and hear just how well they hold up today. Anyway, like I said, the Minneapolis-bred band aren’t a one-trick pony. As a matter of fact, they just dropped their eleventh studio album entitled Change of Fortune.

The album – their first with eOne Music – features a dozen songs that recall the past but propel the band forward. Needless to say, it’s co-produced by longtime collaborator John Fields. Anyway, we were fortunate to have frontman Dave Pirner along with guitarist Justin Sharbono on A-Sides during a recent stop in NYC. Check out two performances – including a carefree version of Misery – below and enjoy a fun, honest interview with Pirner on everything from Fortune to the 1990s rock movement.

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