Forcing Star Wars Episode VIII Titles

Disney wasn’t quite sure how many Star Wars films to add to the slate until Rogue One debuted. Admittedly, Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm said the company didn’t want to go beyond the two sequels to last year’s mega-hit The Force Awakens and the “Young” Han Solo film. Now that Rogue is a hit, we can expect more from the Force. As we await word further casting of the Solo film, and debate whether the next standalone films will center Boba Fett, a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, or someone else, the next big Star Wars news will be when the trailer to Episode VIII will debut and what its title will be. Until that information is released to the masses, I’ve decided to take a crack at what the next film’s title might be. Why? Because I’m a card-carrying SW nerd. Additionally, in these trying times, I want to attempt to make you (and me laugh). Some of these, mind you, I think would be cool titles even though I have no clue what the next film will be about. Anyway, have fun, and enjoy the holidaze ahead. Oh, and May the Force Be With You. Always.

Here we go…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

[Insert John Williams score]

Star Wars

Episode VIII: Revenge of the Nerf Herder

Episode VIII:Jakku: Electric Boogaloo

Episode VIII: Shadow of Vader

Episode VIII: More Bantha Fodder

Episode VIII: A Film Closer to the Luke Skywalker Ghost at the End

Episode VIII: Waiter, I’ll Try the Ahi Bib Fortuna

Episode VIII: Qui-Gon, Still Dead

Episode VIII: Sy Snootles Farewell Tour

Episode VIII: The Lackluster Search for Nien Nunb

Episode VIII: The Droids You’re Looking For

Episode VIII: Hope for a New Republic

Episode VIII: Journey to Skywalker Ranch

Episode VIII: John Williams is Back

Episode VIII: A Bigger Role for Captain Phasma

Episode VIII: The March of the First Order

Episode VIII: Rey of Light

Episode VIII: A Guide to Lightsaber Metrics

Episode VIII: Lor San Tekka is Important Even though He is Dead

Episode VIII: The Snoke Poke Incident

Episode VIII: The Days of Skywalker & Nights of Ren

Episode VIII: Acquisition of the Tupac Hologram

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