“Chasing Twisters” with Delta Rae, “Chasing the Sun” with Greg Holden, and Chasing Stardom with Mizgin

The first day back after a long weekend can come at you like a hurricane. It can chew out the vacay, spit it out, and leave nothing but disaster in its path. That’s why A-Sides is highlighting three heavyweight acts to come out swinging and prevent your work week from the suckage it can be. Fittingly, that hurricane reference works on multiple levels. For starters, the first band has a single called “Chasing Twisters.” Ah, thank goodness for weather-related segues.

Delta Rae, the six-piece rock-and-folk band out of Durham, NC, burst onto the scene (not literally – they’re all fine), with their awesome 2012 debut Carry the Fire. Led by the haunting “Bottom of the River” and the heartbreaking ballad “If I Loved You,” the band which includes sibs Brittany, Eric, and Ian Hölljes, Liz Hopkins, Grant Emerson and Mike McKee, quickly drew comparisons to Fleetwood Mac but stood on their own with an original sound, impeccable harmonies, and heartfelt songs that wreaked of awesomeness. DR recently dropped their follow-up album After it All, and it’s an equally (dare I say more) impressive effort. In an age of EPs, this band released a 13-track record produced by icon Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Fleetwood Mac) and Peter Katis (Interpol, The National). Folk. Rock. Blues. Whatever. Their music falls in any and all genres.

Delta Rae recently perform two songs for A-Sides and sat down/stood up for a chat. Take in the glory below, which was filmed by Yale Goodman.

“Chasing Twisters”


Check out the exclusive A-Sides performance of Delta Rae’s new single “Scared” here.

Home. It’s where the heart is, and where Michael Bublé badly wants to go. It was also a breakthrough song released in 2012 by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. The song not only distanced P-squared from the show but it established him as one of the most promising pop stars around. Greg Holden co-wrote that song, but he’s more than a dynamo with pad and paper (though I’m sure he wrote those melancholy lyrics on a laptop). The singer/songwriter just released his major label debut Chase the Sun , and right off the bat he got some “high praise” as Andy Samberg dryhumping the Declaration of Independence might say. His first single “Hold On Tight” is getting considerable airplay, has been praised by publications like Glamour and Nylon, and his vocals have draw comparisons to Mumford & Sons and Tom Petty. Perhaps a Petty & Sons could be in the works at some point? Probably not. Anyway, the New Yorker, who just so happened to tour with Delta Rae, is currently touring with Ingrid Michaelson. Great musicians stick together.

Anyway, A-Sides was fortunate to have Holden on the “show” last month, and boy are you in for an ear treat. Watch the aforementioned “Hold on Tight” below (filmed by Goodman as well) and follow the links under it to enjoy a big, giant tub full of cool.

Check out the A-Sides exclusive performance of “Boys in the Street” here, and the exclusive interview there.

…And now for something completely different. Rounding out our Tuesday trifecta is Mizgin, whose If I Said I’m In Love (Suicide) EP is available right here, right now on iTunes. Mizgin has been gradually becoming a force in pop music – garnering love from Idolator and Ear Milk to name a few.

The track “Get You Off” really put Mizgin on the map. It hit #1 on iTunes in Sweden and led to a viral YouTube video, which ended up in MTV’s Top 100 for 12 straight weeks. A-Sides caught up with her on the set of her music video. Watch it below, and become instantly smitten.

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