The 66 Best Things in Pop Culture in 2016

2016 was a bad year. We know it. It’s been written everywhere. The world is in complete disarray. Even if you voted for Trump, you have to agree with that. Celebrity deaths were too much to handle. The Oscars were “so white.” Mariah pulled a Milli Vanilli at the final hour. I could go on and on, but I won’t. The year wasn’t all bad. Here are my personal favorite things about the year in film, television, and music in no particular order. Share your own below. Here’s hoping 2017 is better. Believe in hope.

1. The Chicago Cubs winning The World Series and Bill Murray and John Cusack’s reactions to it
2. Lion – the acting, writing, and direction
3. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in Fences
4. David Bowie’s grand exit – Lazarus
5. Bon Iver’s brilliant 22, A Million
6. Everything about Nocturnal Animals
7. Letters to Cleo’s comeback
8. Spider-man’s awesome cameo in Civil War
9. Amy Adams in Arrival especially the scene in which she makes “contact”
10. Westworld, a series which got better episode to episode and featured amazing performances by Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood
11. Orange is the New Black and it’s strongest season since its first
12. The final scene between Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water and the movie itself
13. The acting and writing of Manchester By the Sea period
14. The cast of Everybody Wants Some!!
15. Everything about Stranger Things

16. Miike Snow’s “Genghis Khan”
17. The return of the real Weezer
18. Abraham’s final gesture on The Walking Dead
19. Donnie Yen, the action sequences, and the entire retro yet original feel of Rogue One
20. The amazing, spectacular acting ensemble of Transparent
21. John Oliver
22. Jimmy Kimmel hosting The Emmy’s
23. Natalie Portman in Jackie
24. “Dead Weight” by White Lung – their whole album actually
25. Better Call Saul Season 2
26. The cast of New Girl
27. Leonardo DiCaprio’s look as Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe

28. Guns N’ Roses “Not in This Lifetime” tour
29. Beck’s “Wow”
30. The underrated Red Hot Chili Peppers’ LP The Getaway
31. Coldplay’s “Up&Up” music video
32. Noah Syndergaard’s Twitter account
33. Bishop Briggs
34. Goldberg’s return to the WWE
35. The Lumineers’ “Ophelia”
36. Carrie Fisher’s requested obit
37. The Trump front page headlines by the New York Daily News
38. Refreshing
39. The Flight of the Conchords tour
40. Sia
41. The subtle Breaking Bad reference in Zootopia
42. Nerdist Podcast with Colin Farrell
43. Port Chester, NY’s Capitol Theatre and its eclectic lineups, amazing atmosphere and sound
44. Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account
45. The trailer for Logan set to Johnny Cash’s cover of NIN’s “Hurt”

46. The return of The XX
47. La La Land
48. Me trying to find a lit agent
49. Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch”
50. Hamilton (I’ve heard)
51. The mere thought of a Will & Grace reunion.
52. Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance
53. The terribly underrated flick The Nice Guys
54. Jacob Trembley at the Indie Spirit Awards
55. The opening credits of Deadpool
56. Bat for Lashes’ “Sunday Love”
57. Willem DaFoe as Marilyn Monroe in a Snickers commercial
58. Steve Martin’s Twitter account
59. John Travolta’s eyebrows in The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story
60. Mahershala Ali in Moonlight
61. James Corden’s Tony opening monologue and number
62. The last scene of The Lobster
63. The Republican debates when viewed as entertainment only
64. Silversun Pickup’s “Circadian Rhythm”
65. Craig Sager’s ESPY’s speech
66. Bernie Sanders running for the train

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