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I remember vividly waiting for some kind of epiphany to happen. It didn’t. Life moved on… only with more gray hairs. Yep, turning 30 is a milestone no doubt, but it has a different effect on people. It can be a coming of age (goodbye reckless 20s, hello adulthood) or simply a “dirty thirty” vibe in which you go out and paint the town slut. For hit maker Trey Songz, it was a moment to party, reflect on what he’s accomplished musically and personally, and continue world domination.

Earlier this month, Hennessy V.S celebrated Songz’s milestone birthday in style with a private dinner at the Lion in NYC, celebrating the international star’s achievements and drive (he’s sold over 20 million albums and singles), as well as his charity work. The night saw the launch of his 30/30 Acts of Kindness initiative within his Angels with Heart Foundation, which he founded in 2010.

Songz was kind enough to chat with A-Sides before the cognac started flowing and booties started shakin’. Enjoy the interview below, and just for background (in case you’ve been in a bubble), here’s a cheat sheet on Songz: The singer/songwriter debuted with I Gotta Make It in 2005, and has been pretty prolific ever since. He dropped his sixth studio album Trigga last summer, and is working on two follow-ups for it. A three Grammy Awards nominee, Songz is clearly all kinds of awesome. OK, enough. Watch the video, which was filmed by Plotkin, and marvel at the dedication and heart Songz has. And humor. The last question asks him to channel his inner Taio Cruz.


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