The Virginmarys Premiere Two Music Videos; Debunk the ‘Punk is Dead’ Myth

Punk music isn’t dead – its legacy and spirit anyway. Neither is rock and roll. Tell yourself this. Look for it. Mainstream radio isn’t playing it, search the Internet like your Nicolas Cage in National Treasure and leave no stone unturned. It’s there, and here’s one band I’m currently smitten with: The Virginmarys. The British punk rock band will hit the states this spring with Shinedown, and I promise you within a few days, weeks, or months, you’ll know their name. Listen to first single “Into Dust” and wait anxiously for their forthcoming album to come out in May. Thank me later. A-Sides is proud to not only premiere to kickbuttocks music videos, but also share an interview with the trio: Ally Dickaty (guitar/vocals), Danny Dolan (drums), and Matt Rose (bass/vocalist). Watch the vids and enjoy the chat.

“Into Dust”

“Motherless Land”

“Into Dust” is a wicked track – and I mean that very nicely. Talk to me about the evolution of the single and how it fits on your upcoming album this spring…
Ally: The single came from the opening line being stuck in my head like a mantra. I took it from there really and wrote a song around it. It definitely fits in with the album but I’d say that fans can expect a lot more. The album is like a roller coaster journey from start to finish: twists and turns…but very direct and full of energy.

Danny: I think it was probably the ‘first child’ from the new album in terms of when Ally initially introduced it to us and I guess in that sense it felt like the most natural song to put out there as a taster for what’s to come. It represents the anger,aggression, disillusionment and energy /”that’s a theme throughout the record…but like Ally says we wanted the album to be more of a roller coaster in terms of where the songs take you….I think people are gonna be surprised when they hear the rest of the album.

Matt: Cheers for that. I think ‘Into Dust’ definitely helps set the bar for the rest of the album. Not every song on there is an ‘Into Dust’ but the energy of that tune carries on throughout it.

“Punk is Dead.” Tell me why this statement is overused and why it’s such bullshit

Ally: I’d say that the spirit and defiance of punk will never die so long as people don’t deny their own spirit. It depends what you want punk to be, to me there’s a lot more to it than just thrashing three chords. If you look wider than that and see the artists that challenge society and question authority with undeniable urgency and spirit then you can say that the essence of punk has been in the likes of Public Enemy, The Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine, Run The Jewels. If anything, punk just sleeps when people have their eyes closed.

Danny: I think it’s obvious why it’s overused because if you turn on your TV or turn on the mainstream radio stations it’s all manufactured X-Factor bullshit….you can’t go two tracks without one of them having the word ‘feat’ in the title? What’s punk or rock n’ roll or exciting about that? It’s just guarantee marketing tool-age at it’s worst. Punk is everything that ‘THAT’ isn’t and that’s why it can’t be dead EVER! Otherwise it would mean that shit wins…..and honestly?………who wants that?

Matt: I think a lot of people when you say the word ‘Punk’ think of three chord, fast songs without actually thinking of the ethos of what punk is. It’s bullshit that it’s dead because there are still people who are standing up for what they believe in and standing against and questioning authority. Just because it’s not set to a fast three-chord tune doesn’t mean it’s not punk. We’ve been tagged as a punk band and a lot of people would argue that our music isn’t punk. In style (in the stereotypical sense) it isn’t, but if you listen to Ally’s lyrics they completely embrace the credentials of Punk.

You’ve toured with some icons. What was the biggest learning experience you had from it all?
Ally: It’s a hard job and there’s a lot to it. You can always up your game and we’ve been lucky enough to spend time with people who are masters at their craft but from doing it year after year. I guess it teaches you to be in it for the right reasons.

Danny: Don’t be a dick….because once you’re a dick you’re always a dick….FACT.

Matt: To enjoy it and to embrace all the opportunities and experiences that come with it.

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal – explain this in great detail for absolutely no reason.

Ally: I’m a granola man, always loved the oat bars as a kid. Think I was eating Cheerios last American tour, I have to get up in the middle of the night a lot to eat, one of our good friends who toured with us, also the biggest man I’ve met informed me I was one of the hungriest men he’d ever met, haha. Matt would wake up in the morning and spot the odd Cheerio hoop scattered around the tour bus, I’m not good at covering my tracks.

Danny: I actually don’t eat breakfast ever except for coffee….lots and lots of delicious coffee, but if I did eat breakfast and if cereal was my weapon of choice…I’d go with the one with the guy on the front with the big beard: Quakers Oats or [something] like that. He looks cool.

Matt: I used to love Ricicles but I don’t think you can get them anymore. I also admire the magic of Weetabix. I think it’s the only cereal that actually drinks the milk out of the bowl for you.

You’re touring with Shinedown – how’s the rest of your year look? I’d imagine you’re on the road for quite a bit.
Ally: Lots more touring and the release of our long awaited second album. This is incredibly important to us and we consider it the best work we’ve done. We can’t wait to have it out there for the fans who are equally incredible and get it in front of as many folk as possible.

Danny: Yep….lots and lots of watching wheels go round and round…….but I like that. We wanna play everywhere and anywhere this year.

Matt: Yeah, busy I guess. Getting the album out and promoted is the big thing this year so we can hopefully tie that in with more tours like the Shinedown one and plenty festivals.

Can you impart some words of wisdom to my year-old son?
Ally: Try to always stay as true to yourself as you are right now. Live a long and happy life.

Danny: Life without imagination is seriously boring (and happiness is a big one, too.) So aim for both of them and you’re good.

Matt: I find it difficult to offer wisdom as I’m not the wisest of owls I’m afraid.

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