American electro-house musician Steve Aoki seems to be keeping busy these days. Currently on tour Aokifying America, the Grammy-nominated artist still finds the time to collaborate with various other artists and even attend poker tournaments.

That’s right, Aoki is just another one of the 100 million people worldwide that the World Poker Tournament claims play poker regularly. DJ-producer Aoki describes himself as a “poker nut” who enjoys playing poker with the pros. Among Aoki’s good friends is Phil Ivey, whopartypoker claims to be the greatest high-stakes poker player, and the two have found themselves playing poker for fun and having dinner on several occasions, even posting a funny Vine of a short poker game recently.

Aoki’s love of the game has had him holding his own poker tournament. Last year, he launched Holy Ship, an electronic music cruise to the Bahamas, where fans got to play poker with the DJ. Other artists such as Skrillex and Tommy Lee joined the cruise to DJ while Aoki played poker with his fans.

His quest to “Aokify” America seems to be intricately related to his love of poker, as he also ended up surprising everyone at a World Series of Poker game when he popped in for some guest commentary. However, Aoki claims he’s too busy to play poker full-time, but if he ever retired from DJ-ing, he’d perhaps be found playing at a tournament. “I’ll be spending most of my time in Europe,” he said. “I’m looking at spending at least three weeks a time each month for a long while, so playing a tournament just doesn’t work for me because they are so long.”

Aoki does seem to have a full plate at the moment. The man claims to be sleeping 3 hours a night while on tour, playing over 300 shows a year, and traveling across the globe the rest of the time. Still, he manages to come up with singles like ‘A Light That Never Comes’ with artists like Linkin Park. ‘A Light That Never Comes’ sold 55,000 downloads in the US within its first week of release, critically acclaimed for its energy and melodic elements, putting together Linkin Park’s trademark sound with Aoki’s.

It’s been almost two years since Aoki released his Grammy nominated album Wonderland. While he’s currently working on an album called Neon Future, no release date has been announced, and at the time of this writing, the only known track on the album is “Boneless’. Perhaps Aoki should concentrate less on poker, and more on Aokifying America through his music.



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