Sesame Street Live! is a ‘Music’ Master

My children, especially my four year old, watches more television than I’d like him to. But as parents, we know A) how hard it is to keep them away from the TV – especially when they know how to work the remote and unlock the safety lock. That said, I take comfort in knowing – for the most part – the programs I allow my children to watch are as educational as they are entertaining. There’s a bunch of quality shows out there nut nothing comes close to the old standby: Sesame Street.

There’s a reason the PBS (now also HBO) series, which premiered in 1969, has been a staple in the homes for generation upon generation. The series strikes the right balance between teaching and entertaining, and is often as much fun for adults to watch as the kiddies. So, why am I stating the obvious? On Sept. 26, I took my family to see Sesame Street Live! for the very first time and it resonated just as much as the show itself.

The live show – Elmo Makes Music – a simple tale of a new music teacher who moves into the neighborhood before her instruments do. The truck carrying them, you see, hasn’t arrived yet. So Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, and the rest of the crew join forces to create instruments out of their own personal items. Case in point: Cookie Monster creates a nice jam using his cookie jar. In the end, kids learn how valuable music and friendship can be. Throw in classic Sesame show tunes and throwback jams like “The Hustle,” and you can’t beat this family entertainment. My one year old is still talking about Bert wearing John Travolta’s iconic Saturday Night Fever suit, constantly pointing up at the sky like Bert does – reenacting that classic 70s dancing pose.

Oh, and keeping with enthusiasm, it usually takes numerous times to get my four year old to open up about his “likes” (dislikes are easy) so you can imagine the joy I had when he tugged my shirt as we walked out of the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY and said, “dada, wasn’t that a nice show?” It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for sure. And thankfully the tour is continuing for quite some time. Check out where and when you can catch it here!

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