On the Rise Artists: Nonie & BornFree Music Group

Written and filmed by JJ Adrian

Know anyone that sounds like the lovechild of Sia and Lykke Li? Well, Australian singer/songwriter Nonie comes close. This 22 year old – fresh off attending the esteemed Berklee College of Music – has already released an EP and has been on tour just months after graduation.

Her EP Sirens, produced by fellow Berklee graduate Andrew Seltzer, consists of 4 soul-touching songs that echo that aforementioned fictional Sia Li. Listen to her EP Sirens (link EP) on Soundcloud and catch her on tour with DAEM as they both promote their newly released projects. (link tourdates).

“Devil Dancing on my Toes”

“Let Him Go”


I hate the subway. I hate riding it. I hate the smell. I hate the random old lady who always tells me I look like her grandson (I’m not your legacy, lady!) I. Hate. Absolutely. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Well, except for BornFree Music Group. You can find this group performing regularly on the subway to promote their movement. In a nutshell, their voices are sick, their rhymes are tighter than Dr. Seuss, and they have more charm to spare than Will Smith back in his Fresh Prince days.

While you ponder which line they’re currently running on, here’s some background: Jeremiah Pulse, Devon Christopher Wilson, and Ahnaf Bhuiyan had a vision nearly a year ago of creating a mega-team of young, talented artists that could take over the music industry from the bottom up (get it, the subways?) The trio then met Anthony Velez and Tina Leau (formerly known as Sudden Chemistry), Indigo Blaize, MZ Conception and JUNE and the all-star cast of train titans continued to grow… Catch them on the Times Square Shuttle, or check out their Facebook Page for upcoming shows!

“I Want You”

“I Hate Myself for Loving You”