Oberhofer Live in “Chronovision”; Can’t “Get Away” From Paperwhite

Listen to a few tracks from Oberhofer’s Chronovision, and you may be tempted to recreate Gary Numan’s “Cars” music video (I dare you), or Robert Smith your hair. OK, maybe not but the album will definitely transport you to the 1980s New Wave world – though there’s a clear contemporary, psych-pop twist.

Oberhofer is a band, but its namesake is the founder and lone singer/songwriter. Brad Oberhofer produced and recorded the band’s sophomore album in an eclectic array of places from his hometown of Tacoma to the Catskills to Seattle, New York City, and the former Sound City in Los Angeles. Critics have dug the band’s music for years now. It’s pretty easy to see/hear why. At Primary Wave’s A-Sides Studio in New York City, Brad Oberhofer played a pair of new tracks, and discussed the new album. You will enjoy it.

“Someone Take Me Home”

“Memory Remains”


Growing up right outside of Washington D.C, “White Paper,” is a term that is usually followed by words like “government policy” and “major issue.” That drivel is usually followed by a body of words (a “written report”) to help the reader navigate through the “issue” and make a conclusion based upon comprehension. Seems quite fitting for the pop-synth sibling duo Paperwhite, and you’ll soon agree. Have a listen to their music, and you’ll find the only “major issue” is deciding which song is your fav. Paperwhite AKA Katie and Ben Marshall released their first EP, Magic, in 2014 and we can expect more material soon. As a matter of fact, their new single “Get Away,” which A-Sides is premiering right right here and now, is just like the rest of their tracks: it will get stuck in your head for weeks on end. Prepare to hum about going away to a new galaxy.

If this body of words doesn’t help to convince you to check out this band who’ve already received write-ups in Nylon, Pressplay and Spin, then maybe watching and listening below will help. If not, there’s always white paper. Watch their performance below
– Guest Blogger Hideko Dudley

“Get Away”



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