Music News: Duran Duran to play at Fallsview Casino in March

Duran Duran have announced that they will be performing at Fallsview Casino’s in March of next year. The British, Grammy-award winning band that topped global charts with hits such as “Ordinary World,” “Hungry Like The Wolf,” and “New Moon on Monday” will be performing at the Avalon Ballroom on March 25 and 26, 2016.

Duran Duran were one of the purveyors of English New Wave/Synthpop in the late 70s. The band was a mainstay on MTV’s “Second British Invasion,” and have had 14 singles top 10 singles in the UK charts, and 21 in the Billboard Hot 100. To date, Duran Duran have sold over 100 million records worldwide.

In September, the band released its 13th studio album called “Paper Gods,” their first album in five years after the release of “All you need is Now” in 2010. John Frusciante, former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, worked with Duran Duran on their new album. The band’s new single entitled “Pressure Off” was released the same week as their new album’s launch on Microsoft’s Xbox Music as well as Google Play. The album settled at number 10 on the Billboard 200, which was the band’s highest debut record in over 20 years.

The casino industry is trying its very best to overhaul their services to make them more appealing to potential patrons hence why many bands are now doing huge casino tours across the United States. Casinos in Las Vegas have been hit the hardest along with some of the smaller independent operators because of the spike in online gaming providers. Online gaming has become a popular option nowadays, as people can easily access slots on their mobile devices while on-the-go and the websites have modernized features such as free spins and top-up bonuses upon deposit – things that land-based casinos can’t offer. As a way to counterbalance the competition, casinos all over the world are upping the ante by providing extra entertainment to casino goers, and this includes featuring popular bands like Duran Duran being used as a way to get new customers through the doors.

Tickets to Duran Duran’s performance will start at $125, and are available at Fallsview Casino’s Box Office and Ticketmaster outlets.

Music News: Duran Duran to play at Fallsview Casino in March

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