Marvel and “Chill” with P.O.S.

Stefon Alexander, aka, P.O.S., returned last month with his first full-length album in years (following a kidney transparent) entitled Chill, dummy. The album, which featured the track “Born A Snake” which Marvel used for their Black Panther web series (see above), is currently on the round supporting the new work. Speaking of that new piece of art, it features an eclectic mix of artists collaborating on it – from Kathleen Hanna to Astronautalis to Justin Vernon. A-Sides caught up with the Doomtree co-founder, philosopher and lyrical master and asked him about getting from there to here. Read on.

This is your first album in ages. Talk to me about the evolution of the album. Did you ever think you’d be able to make another one again following your transplant?

Yeah. I knew I’d make an album. Songs [are] like all I ever really wanna do. I guess I didn’t think [it] would be so personal. But it is. You put out what come out.

You’ve been performing the songs live lately. Are you looking forward to being out on the road again?

Yup. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a show, but it’s my favorite part of life. All the work that goes into the music, the writing and recording and waiting and stressing – none of that matters when you’re just yelling and having fun with the people that wanna hear it.

You collaborate with an eclectic mix of artists – established and not – on this one. Are you a sponge when you work alongside someone or do you simply stand back at marvel at their excellence. Justin Vernon, for me, in a nutshell is a genius.

All my friends are geniuses. Even the ones no one will ever hear or care about. I’m a sponge around my friends. Who isn’t? Why have friends that make art of you can’t all inspire and grow off of each other.

Amen to that. Chill, dummy is a fitting title for the current climate of the world. As a lyrical master, is it hard to shy away from making political statements when it’s so in your face like it is today?

Yeah it is. But also, none of that automatically came up while writing this record. It’s sprinkled in because it’s a part of who I am. But none of these songs are overtly political. They are way more personal. I think thinking about the world we live in and how it treats us all, just bleeds in to everything I do. Even just a teeny.

Speaking of which, what’s the first executive order you would sign if you could?

If you make $200,000 or more per year you’re not allowed to make any decisions on behalf of the middle class or lower class. And I’d get money out of politics.

Do you think music has the power it did back in the 60s? I feel we need music to change the world more than ever.

I wasn’t alive in the 60’s. Music is the most powerful. We need peaceful and, less so, actions to change the world. Songs can be radical though.

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