Listen to mainstream radio, and you’ll find it difficult to tell one artist from the other. New hooks are old hooks. Recycled is the new original. Sure, that’s not always the case and I can list dozens upon dozens of examples of how those opening sentences are off base, but why spoil a good opening to a story? That said, we can all at least admit it’s very hard to stick out in the music industry. Today’s featured artist, however, does just that. LP may borrow her look from a vintage pre-nasal Bob Dylan, but her vocal styling is seriously not of this earth. Throw in her brutally honest lyrics and the fact she’s BS free, the L.A.-based artist is quite easily one of the most refreshing acts working in music today.

Following the success of her EP Live at EastWest Studios, which got lots of love by everyone from Rolling Stone to CNN to this guy, the singer/songwriter just released her debut full-length album Forever For Now, which was produced by rock wunderkind Rob Cavallo. Listen to it as a whole or do what the trend is (listen on a strictly song-to-song basis), and you’ll see why I think she’s heading head toward Sia-esque substantive pop dominance. Speaking of which, it’s important to note while it’s her first record, LP has been writing for other artists much like that “Chandelier” singer for years.

But, let’s get back to her own voice, which you’ve heard before even if you didn’t know it. About two years ago, LP’s “Into the Wild” served as the backdrop to a very popular (and overplayed) Citibank commercial with a female rock climber. That song put LP on the map as a solo artist, and naturally appears on Forever For Now. But, let’s jump out of the DeLorean and get back to present day where LP was kind enough to return to A-Sides with Jon Chattmanto perform “Night Like This” and “Free to Love” off her new LP (yes, I went there LP and her new LP… sigh). Filmed by Yale Goodman at Primary Wave Music’s Listening Room in New York City, she also took part in a fun, candid interview about songwriting, being named the first female Martin Guitar Ambassador, and her love of the ukulele. Oh, and she also sang songs on demand, which I highly recommend. Watch the videos below, and catch LP on tour this summer with Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. Now someone call a plumber, because these pipes be bursting! Boom.


LP “Free to Love”

“Night Like This”



A-Sides “Delve Into Twelve” Countdown
Each week A-Sides unleashes its Top 12 tracks of the week AKA the “Delve Into Twelve”based on the following contributing factors: songs I’m playing out that particular week NO MATTER WHEN THEY WERE RELEASED (think overlooked songs, unreleased tracks, and old favorites), songs various publicists are trying to get me to listen to that I did and dug a bunch, posts and trends I’ve noticed on my friends’ Facebook walls, and – most importantly – the songs my two-year-old son gravitates toward by stomping his feet in approval. Yeah, you read that right. This weeks follows below (LW= last week’s rank).

12. “Far Behind” – Candlebox (Watch them perform it live on A-Sides)
11. “Lighthouse” (LW-12) – Ziggy Marley
10. “Let Me Down Gently” (LW-8) – La Roux
9. “Alienation” (LW-7) – Morning Parade
8. “Who Needs You” (LW-4) – The Orwells
7. “Scare Away the Dark” (debut) – Passenger
6. “Now Hear In” (LW-5) – Cloud Nothings
5. “Peaches” (LW-2) – In the Valley Below
4. “Habits” (LW-3) – Tove Lo
3. “Glory” (debut) – Wye Oak
2. “Stolen Dance” (LW-6) – Milky Chance
1. “Chandelier” (LW-1) – Sia

About A-Sides with Jon Chattman:

Jon Chattman’s music series features celebrities and artists (established or not) from all genres performing a track, and discussing what it means to them. This informal series focuses on the artist making art in a low-threatening, extremely informal (sometime humorous) way. No bells, no whistles – just the music performed in a random, low-key setting followed by an unrehearsed chat. In an industry where everything often gets overblown and over manufactured, Jon strives for a refreshing change.

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