In 2004, Los Lonely Boys broke through the mainstream faster than a vintage Rickey Henderson on roller skates in an ice storm with their inspiring song “Heaven.” It’s hard to believe the “Texican” rock trio dropped that super hit a decade ago. What’s even harder to believe is that this band of brothers (Henry Garza, JoJo Garza, Ringo Garza, Jr.) haven’t gone the way of Oasis (you try being in a band with a sibling 24/7). They’re arguably closer than ever and making their richest music yet. Earlier this year, the band released Revelation on their own LonelyTone imprint, and it’s just that – an album that finds them expanding on their roots by incorporating some pop and even reggae grooves. Prior to one of their shows at City Winery in New York City (they’ll be on the road through the summer), the trio sat down for an A-Sides session filmed, played a track off their new LP and fielded my questions like the pros that they are. Watch. Listen. Love.

Fire & The Romance 
Fire & The Romance founder Dion Roy seems to be all about epiphanies. According to the band bio, the track “Way Down Below” grew out of a melody that came too him in the middle of the night. But, let’s backtrack for further proof. The band itself was created while he was on a solo tour in Europe and had a “vision” for a bigger scale band. Believe me now? I wish I had more epiphanies that meant something. Anyway, the culmination of Roy’s thoughts, dreams, and realities is Fire & The Romance’s Adaptations EP which is an alt-pop gem. At an A-Sides session filmed in NYC, Roy performed a pair of tracks (also filmed by shootmepeter) and sat down for a “Fire-“Sidechat. Enjoy.