Lasting Love for Prince; Get Love with Marco With Love

Prince has left such a void. If his songs were available on Spotify, I’d make a playlist and share it right here, right now. I’d then play it every day until my final days. But, his songs aren’t available much on the Interwebs -YouTube seems to be the best bet – so instead I’ll just list my Top 20 songs (in order – and very hard to keep to that number I might add) by the legend. Feel his absence, but appreciate his legacy. He did more in his 57 years than most do in 57 lifetimes.

Read on and weigh in.

20. “She’s Always In My Hair”
19. “Sometimes it Snows in April”
18. “1999”
17. “U Got The Look”
16. “Nothing Compares to You”
15. “Darling Nikki”
14. “Alphabet Street”
13. “Delirious”
12. “Thieves in the Temple”
11. “Gett Off”
10. “Raspberry Beret”
9. “7”
8. “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
7. “Let’s Go Crazy”
6. “Sign ‘o’ the Times”
5. “I Would Die For You”
4. “Kiss”
3. “Purple Rain”
2. “When Doves Cry”
1. “Little Red Corvette”

Marco With Love
We move ON from remembering Prince (in this post anyway) to do that little thing that A-Sides does: sessions with artists discussing and performing their craft. Brooklyn’s Marco With Love come off as sort of a Tom Petty for the 2010s. I hate comparison usually. Each artist is different, but it’s not like I’m saying this band sounds like the second coming of Lou Bega, ya know? Anyway, the band led by Marco Argiro – raising the bar for that first name since Rubio dropped too many balls to even count – just dropped a new album Smothered & Covered , and it’s retro-super cool. The album, which mixes originals and covers, is a follow-up to EPs Tidal Wave and Promised Land, which both dropped last year. Utterly original with a huge slice of throwback, check this band out yesterday.


“Big Black Dog”


A-Sides’ “Delve Into Twelve” Countdown
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About A-Sides with Jon Chattman:
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