Band front men always take time out from performing to offer up some politically-charged comments, rants or rapid allegations. Let’s be clear right off the bat: Semi Precious Weapons lead singer Justin Tranter is not and never will be that. For starters, the Chicago native is more focused on which shade of lipstick and high-heel shoes he’ll be wearing at tonight’s show than anyone living in Rwanda or Africa. Um, Bono he is not.

“I’m a walking political statement. I don’t need to open my mouth to make people re-think some sh-t,” he explained in an exclusive interview yesterday.

Still, Tranter wasn’t shy (nor is he ever) about taking on those fat cats in and out of Washington especially when it comes to style. Taking time out from a busy tour schedule — (Semi Precious Weapons are in the midst of promoting their buzzed recent release “We Love You”), steering a burgeoning jewelry line to glory (Fetty), and no doubt, countless hours of face time in front of a mirror — Tranter addressed everything from Sarah Palin’s closet to the fading GOP and how they can get their groove back. Brace yourselves — politics is about to go glam.

Do you think there’s room in Washington for a glam rock pundit?
No. We belong with real people.

Obama is all about change. What would you change stylistically about the Obamas?
I’d like to see my girl ‘Michey Obamy’ show a little more skin. But besides that, they are pretty f–king flawless: bringing glamor back to this country. Thank God.

Speaking of glamor (and nice segues) a lot has been made about Sarah Palin’s style. How would you rate her fashion sense pre-McCain and post-McCain?
That gorgeous wacko looks vamp. Good for her. A little makeover never hurt nobody. I would love to have that stylish slut on my Fetty Jewelry celeb client list… Kate Moss, Taylor Momsen, Palin! Or in a Semi Precious Weapons video. She could be licking milk out of a bowl a la Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

I remember that video quite well. The GOP is looking for a new leader for the next election. Do you have any suggestions or any ideas how they can raise their game?
Release a Palin/Hasselback sex tape. Get the young voters into republicans ASAP.

Speaking of sex tapes, only not really, what do you make of Blagojevich’s hair? It’s amazing! I love a statement, and that armadillo he is skewering atop his skull ‘bettah werk!’

Who was/is the sexiest president?
GW! With those squinty little eyes, pulling on Laura’s fierce hair while high on coke… Hot! I think about that a lot in the shower.

Wow. Honestly. Which politician could you picture wearing high heels?
This is a perfect question for me, since I’m the first man who was ever made custom Stuart Weitzman heels. My mom has a big ol’ crush on Arne Duncan, so I hear about and see pics of him all the time. I think he could look great heels!

Who’s sexier you or Arianna Huffington?
This is a tie, and I’m not just being nice. She has an amazing set of jams, a fab colorist, rocks expensive jewels, and works her ass off. I have life changing legs, an amazing colorist, rock jewels I designed myself, and work my ass off. So it’s a tie.

Argument sake, if you could time travel “Lost” style… What would a Tranter/Nixon series look like?Well, I would look fabulous on TV. But besides that I have no idea what that sh-t would look like. Nixon’s face always freaks me out.

Your song “Magnetic Baby” is on Rock Band 2. Who would you personally like to play that song with from the D.C. circuit?
Oh, that is so obvious! Sasha and Malia! Those girls are Magnetic Babies!

Make a political statement. Now.
Love yourself before you get f–ked. I don’t know if that’s a political statement, but that’s what I want to teach the world.

Glam Rocker Justin Tranter’s Advice for the GOP: Leak a Palin/Hasselback Sex Tape


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