We might as well start calling Pharrell Williams King Midas. He probably won’t answer anybody who takes that sentence literally, but I’m simply trying to say everything the musician/producer/ageless-vampire touches lately turns into pure gold. The past year has been insane for the artist, who scored a huge hit and Oscar nod for Despicable Me 2’s “Happy,” gained traction literally everywhere in the public eye with his Arbys-envied hats, and dropped an acclaimed record G I R L that is spawning even more love from the radio gods. But, this story isn’t about the N.E.R.D. wunderkind. It’s about his protégé Cris Cab, who’s following his mentor to such great heights.

The Miami-born singer/songwriter is tearing up the charts with his new single “Liar Liar,” which features King Midas. The single has sold over 200,000, netted over 12.5 million streams, and is within the Top 5 in some 14 countries. Success is nothing new for the 21 year old, who will soon release his debut full-length album Where I Belong. In his teens, he recorded demos, gained notoriety off of YouTube covers, dropped a debut EP Foreword, caught the eye of Williams, and eventually opened for an eclectic mix of artists from T-Pain to Gym Class Heroes, and more. Some of that might be out of order, but who cares. All I’m trying to say is this pop artist with reggae undertones is breaking out like a pimple on your prom date’s face. No lie. A few days prior to taking the stage at the Governors’ Ball in New York City, the artist performed two tracks exclusively for A-Sides and sat down for an interview.
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“Liar Liar”



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