At the Oscars: Breaking Tradition on the Red Carpet

Topol used to sing about tradition, and that’s exactly what the Oscars are all about Fiddler on the Roof name drops aside, each year beautiful people walk the red carpet showing off their dollars and fashion sense, and chatting it up with press on their respective film and nerves for the night. Once they get inside, the telecast traditionally runs overtime and anoints predictable winners and yawns. This year wasn’t any different. The King’s Speech and star Colin Firth were knighted as expected, while Natalie Portman danced her way to an Oscar. The red carpet seemed to play a similar script with fashion guru Tim Gunn and others talking to nominees and stars, and asking them who they wore, and what their expectations were for the night.

Something was different between Hollywood and Highland on Sunday evening ( Feb. 27), well for me anyway. Before Kirk Douglas stole the show, James Franco went drag for a Charlie Sheen punchline, and a King was crowned, I made the leap from my usual spot on the couch to the red carpet itself. Dressed in a tux (an upgrade from my usual attire of ratty t-shirt and pajama bottoms), I aimed to break from traditional Oscar fare by throwing some curveballs to the cinematic sluggers. Each year, the Oscars follow a similar script and I wanted to break that pre-show. Rarely do we see stars getting asked which film they don’t want to win that evening. Speaking of which, stars aren’t asked if the interviewer can borrow their statue for the weekend either. As I found out, there’s probably good reason for that.

Nonetheless, below is my red carpet experience captured on video (Blair Witch effect running wild). Will Aaron Sorkin finally join Facebook? How has induction in the Conan O’Brien Oscar-Winner F-bomb Hall of Fame stack up to the Oscars? Will anyone loan me an Oscar? …And where does Larry David fit into all of this? Find out below…

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