My wife isn’t exactly a fan of a lot of new music. She gets a little sick of hearing me talk up the latest, greatest artist I’m listening to, and tends to play the same songs in her car over and over again. Yet, something broke through to her usual playlist of Bob Marley, Coldplay and the Dixie Chicks last summer.

The Kooks’ “Junk of the Heart” is a catchy throwback song about — I think anyway — a guy who wants to show the world to the girl he loves — assuming she’s as in to him as he is to her. The song, which I obviously like too, is sort of a departure for the UK rock stars who have sold over 2 million records worldwide. Their third album, also called Junk of the Heart, features far more soul and even channels Bowie at times but those killer good hooks are still there.

Last month, I caught up with one-half of the band (frontman Luke Pritchard and guitarist Hugh Harris) just prior to their sold-out show at Webster Hall in New York City and asked them about the new sound, and specifically the title track which my wife fittingly overplays in her car now. The fun pair also performed a cool, infectious acoustic version of it.

Before you watch the video — know this: The Kooks will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with far superior video equipment on Dec. 12. They’re also winding down their fall tour on Dec. 13 at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. And with that, I give you two of the four Kookers.

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ARCHIVED: The Kooks’ Show Us Their “Junk” 12/19/11


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