A Guide to Recognizing Fairground Saints; The Heirs Inherit Stardom

Three-part harmonies are as refreshing as a Gatorade after a three-hour stint playing baseball. A rarity in the business, Fairground Saints provide just that and a whole lot more. The Los Angeles band’s melodies altogether are uniquely glorious, infectious, and genre-pigeonhole-free. Try if you must, but the band just takes pop music and turns it right on its head. The trio of Mason Van Valin, Elijah Edwards, and Megan McAllister dropped their debut last year, and are currently touring with Carly Raw Jepsen on her Gimme Love tour. Thankfully, it looks like they have clear path to bust out soon like Wentworth Miller did back in the day in that dreadful Prison Break series.

Speaking of “gimmes,” when I want to listen to new music, I want to be sucked in right away. I want to feel it, hear a story, and then tell everyone about it. Valin (vocals/guitar), Edwards (vocals, guitar, mandolin, keys, Dobro, accordion), and McAllister (vocals, guitar, dulcimer) do just that. Last month, the fun bunch (who says that?) performed two tracks for A-Sides and sat down with me for a chat. It was filmed at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains by alyebcarlevaro.com.

“Ain’t Much for Lyin'”

“Turn This Car Around”


Speaking of rising artists from L.A., The Heirs are making their mark rather quickly. Currently touring with The Big Pink with shows booked at SXSW, the synth-pop-rockers are breaking out like a pimple on your face – assuming your a teenage boy or girl reading this. Um, OK, The Heirs, which consists of brother/sister Brandon and Savannah Hudson, Alex Flagstad, Eian McNeely and Brennan Benko, recently dropped a four-track EP Ecliptic , working with music masters Justin Stanley (Beck, The Vines, Sheryl Crow) and Bram Inscore (Beck, Icona Pop). A full length is due sometime this year. Anyway, enough talk. Let’s listen.

“Alright Goodnight”


A-Sides’ “Delve Into Twelve” Countdown
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About A-Sides with Jon Chattman:
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